Do You Know What Today Is…..Its Our Anniversary!

Hello All!

First I want to apologize for being away for so long! I have been through so much in the past couple of months, as well as super busy so its been hard :-(  My 2013 has gotten off to a great start but it has had its trials along the way as well: relationships, finances, keeping the faith in troubled times, school, work, internship, SCARVES….ok that last one I didn’t mind so much :-) However I realize know that I had to go through those things to make me stronger, and who I am today, April 16 at approximately 9:10 CST ;-) While I believe its possible to help others while you are going through certain things in your own life, I felt at the time that my encouragement would be of no good use to others if I didn’t believe it myself.  I had to first learn to turn that encouragement around on myself and I couldn’t truly convince others if I didn’t believe it myself.  So I wanted to hold off until I was able to grow even further spiritually, mentally, emotionally etc.

So, I’m still a work in progress but I believe God has given me an even greater insight regarding His Word, His Will as well as how to walk this walk with Him and I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned!

Meanwhile, Love Lavish Lexi is doing GREAT! Again, I thank everyone who’s shown support through their purchases, website visits, tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram love, and the words of wisdom, advice and networking opportunities have been amazing! I truly believe they were a God-send :-)

Just one short year ago, I knew God had given me an idea and I refused to think about anything else until I figured out what it was.  I turned down the idea of making scarves before, but when it came back around the second time in April of last year, it just stuck! Everything seemed to fall into place! Major support from family and friends; and I remember the feeling of excitement and accomplishment when my first scarf sold in May of last year.  Although my hands were cramping from sewing(I used to sew by hand before my best friend loaned me her machine lol) I was still so excited and amazed at the interest and attention that people gave my work! It made me very proud as it does today.  These scarves are like my babies and I love having that same feeling of accomplishment as I did back then.  Its been a very successful year for Love Lavish Lexi and I believe that this is just the beginning!

So, be on the lookout for some newbies coming your way very soon!

Happy New Year!!!

I know, I know, I’m like 20 days late lol…I also have seemed to fallen behind on the blog scene but I promise I’m not gone for good, more spirituality and encouragement posts coming, and Love Lavish Lexi will is getting ready for Spring! Lots of awesome new scarves, new colors, fabrics-I’m excited just thinking about making them! I will also be introducing Love Lavish Lexi clutches as well! They will be handmade by yours truly, and I must say they are going to be awesome!

‘Love lavish Lexi’ was definitely not something I just decided to do…For those of u who don’t know, Lovelavishlexi came from 1 John 3:1….”See what great “love” the Father has “lavished” on “us” (“Lexi”) that we should be called children of God..”God gave me this idea for a reason…I remember the day the it all fell into place…I’m the first to say I know nothing about fashion lol, but when God gives u an idea….AND gives u the skill and creativity to flourish in that….whoo! And I am sooo grateful and forever thankful for the present and future success of LoveLavishLexi…almost a year old! Time flies but God is truly blessing :-) I said all that to say that I’m not trying to be like the millions of ppl who have boutiques and clothing lines, Etc….I’m just simply making what I LOVE to wear….and hopefully y’all will love it too :-)
I will be updating the website with new items very soon!
So, please continue to check me out online at, and click ‘Like’ at the bottom of the homepage.
Thanks for all the love and support!

Fringe Benefits!

Hey all! Just wanted to showcase another featured scarf! :-D These are fun to wear with just about anything! I’m sure some of you may have seen variations of these that some people make using old t-shirts.
These scarves were not made with a T-shirt but with actual jersey knit fabric ;)







Hope you love it! Find these and more at Tell me what you think! :-D

My New Favorite!

OK: I know, I know…I’ve been slacking :-( I’ve had so many ideas to write about but so little time…I’m praying After this semester ends next week, it wont be as crazy the following semester. I really believe that This has been the most busiest time in my life! With everything else I have going on people ask me all the tome “how so you have time to make these scarves?” Anywho, I just wanted to show a featured scarf of the month. I’ve been making and getting requests for these like crazy!
I had these earlier this year and now they’re back! Much prettier and the fabric is alot softer and cozier I must say :-)

I love this color!

Of course black is always Classy and timeless~


This is a gorgeous fall green! :)

One of my favorites! Love this color!!


This beige is awesome! Another pretty fall color


This cobalt blue is my new absolute fav! Looks great against black, white or grey :-D


This Teal has always been a popular one among many!

Mmmmm chocolate!

This red is fun and festive!

My favorite color :)


This pic was taken at a recent craft fair :)

I’ve been doing a bunch of craft fairs lately and these little beauties have been in high demand! As always, thank you all for your support! Please continue to check me out at and click ‘Like’ at the bottom of the page :)



I Love Fall!!!!

As promised, here’s a sample Fall prview of what Love Lavish Lexi will have available this season! I also introduce to you more items from the men’s collection as well! :-) Enjoy!

Navy Blue Fringe Scarf~

These were NOT made from T-shirts by the way! :-)

Tan, Hot Pink, Gray, and Mustard Yellow are also available!

Gray/Red Striped Mens Fringe Scarf

Fall Orange Sparkled Infinity Scarf

Its Back!! Ruffled Infinity Scarf


From The Heart Of…

Hey everyone! I feel like I haven’t written anything in ages! A lot has been going on! I recently celebrated my 29th birthday(Oct 11) whoot whoot!! I’ve definitely been keeping busy with school, work, an internship and LoveLavishLexi ;-) I’ve been making scarves like crazy! lol Of course I wanna continue to thank everyone who’s supported me in this endeavor so far..without God, this would totally be impossible! Seriously. I am working diligently on keeping items in stock and creating new items as well! I will be posting a preview of the LoveLavishLexi Fall line next week! I believe it’s awesome if I must say so myself ;-) (lol) hope you all will feel the same! In the meantime, check out the website at and share with your friends on Facebook by clicking ‘Like’ at the bottom of homepage!

So, there’s been a lot on my mind lately….I’ve really learned a lot about people in general this year, and I give thanks to God for that. A lot of people have in some way or form showed me that for whatever reason they didn’t really care, or they stopped caring. Why? I have no idea, and the funny yet sad part is neither do they! When u treat someone a certain way or your behavior changes in a less positive way, it makes me wonder is that really them, or a negative spirit working within them. I thought for the longest time that it was just them, and it hurt a little because I began to question my ability to pick quality friends that would really care about me and have my back. I saw a quote earlier that said “God will allow people to shut you out, so HE can pull u in.” If God is not getting the time He wants and requires of us, then He will move other things and people out of the way so that we can give Him that time. I had been so caught up with life that I wasn’t giving as much attention to the one who even gave it to me. As far as those people, I’m actually ok with them not being in my life because I honestly feel they would be more of a hinderance than a help at this point. I say that because its easier if you’re trying to grow your relationship with Christ, to have people around you who are like-minded in that aspect. You want people who can pray for you, point you in the right direction, keep you motivated and encouraged when you need it; and to be able to do the same for them. If those people aren’t serving that purpose and they choose to leave then by all means don’t stop em. I’m realizing now that once I get to know God even more, and grow deeper in relationship with Him, He will surround me with like-minded people who are interested in serving and living for Him just as much as I am. So, for me, with everything that’s been going on with school work etc, it may seem like we can’t see our way through and that we aren’t gon make it but we have to hold onto God, hold on to His promises, He is no liar so what He said, He will surely do. :)
I hope this encouraged someone in some way! Just had to take a moment and say what’s on my heart :-) Please don’t forget to check out and click ‘Like’ at the bottom of the homepage!! :-)

We GOTTA Pray!

Saw this one night while reading a devotional from the Bible app on my phone. The devotional is called “Teach Me To Pray” and it’s really good!


God loves it when we talk to Him. He encourages it. We should be constantly praying and talking with God if we expect our relationships to grow with him. Just like with our friends; you become really close friends with someone depending on how often you talk to them, how much information you share, and the quality or depth of that information. It’s the same thing with Christ.
Also, in these troubling times, prayer is our weapon! Without prayer and the Word of God we won’t make it. Jesus gives a wonderful illustration on how to pray in Matthew 6:5-13. {This can also be found in Luke chapter 11:1-12}
We should want to get to know God, develop a relationship with Him. We should want to worship, give glory honor and praise. There are many scriptures in the bible that talk about prayer. I encourage anyone reading this to search through His Word and see for yourself how He yearns to have a closer relationship with you through prayer :-)

Fellas, YES YOU Can Get Lavished!

So I’ve been working on the scarves for LoveLavishLexi’s fall collection, and it’s coming together quite nicely! I’m very excited about the men’s scarves and the feedback I’ve been getting from those! Here are some of whats available now for the fellas! :-)






These are all made with a warm flannel material, absolutely fly and perfect for these colder months ahead! I have a few more men’s scarves as well and will posting them as soon as they’re all made! :-D
So Fellas, get lavished! Check me out!

Ladies, I have some more beauties coming your way very soon!
Also, on the website, please don’t forget to click ‘like’ at the bottom of the homepage!

Thanks for your support!!


Does Your Happiness Make Others Miserable?

Have you ever wondered why it seems that some people don’t have any reason not to like you, to be upset with you, or to just stop messing with you in general? Why does it seem that the happier you genuinely are, the more those people seem to be angry or miserable, and take their misery out on you?

Is it because, in fact you are happy and content with life and they are just simply miserable for reasons unbeknownst to them/us/anyone???

There are a lot of unhappy people these days unfortunately, and sometimes seeing you happy makes them even more unhappy. Think about it, how do the people around you & closest to you react when you share your good news with them? Are they just as excited as you when you share it with them? Sometimes they may genuinely want to be happy for you, but because things in their life aren’t going as we’ll as they’d like, they don’t know how.
Alot of people seem to be happy but are crying out for help on the inside and instead of seeking God for help, they sometimes tend to attack and mistreat others so they can share and possibly pass off that pain to someone…..and we all know that misery loves company. Also, there are a lot of people these days who pretend to love and care about us but sometimes they are simply wolves in sheep’s clothing. Matthew 7:15 talks about that, and even though that scripture was speaking on false prophets I believe it can also relate to some of the people who try and come into our lives.

Think about the people closest to you, those in your inner circle, and even those you may only associate with occasionally. Ask God to give you discernment when meeting people and placing them in your lives. I have been asking this a lot lately because my discernment hasn’t always been the greatest when it comes to letting people into my life and in my circle. We have to ask Him to show us anyone who may be providing a hindrance to us or our relationship with God. To show us the people who are really down for us and care about our well-being, as we should others. I’ve had a hard time in the past with letting people go, even people that I knew shouldn’t be in my life, and that I shouldn’t associate with it was hard to let go once I formed a connection with them. I mean, it can be difficult sometimes! Best friend, cousin, auntie, co-worker…’s not that easy all the time to let go. That’s why I totally understand now why it’s so important to ask for and use that discernment and wisdom given to us by God in determining who’s qualified to get close to us-everybody is not qualified. Those dream killers/snatchers, full of negativity, those who give you advice based on what they want you to do, not what’s best for you, those who always rain on your parade-no matter how small, and those who you just feel are never truly, genuinely happy for you or never have your back in tough situations….are just a few examples of people that we don’t need in our circles. If you’ve talked to these people and explained how those types of behaviors make you feel yet they continue to do it, then yes they have to go.
We have to remember that God knows and sees far beyond what we can and most of the time, if we pay close enough attention, He will reveal those who are hindering us from Him and/or from what He has for us….❤

So Refreshing!!!!

One of my favorite songs by the Clark Sisters is off the last cd they had and it’s called Something New.
This is the best song to describe how I feel right now! A new anointing that no one can take away. I read an interesting quote from Heather Lindsey that said no one can pray against God’s will for you” If you haven’t heard of her check out her blog {here}
There’s nothing like having an experience with God; a refreshing. just being filled with his Spirit….it makes you not wanna do those things that you used to do, go those places you used to go, and say the things you used to say. If we want to keep our anointing and our fire for Christ we have to be careful not to be that “dog returning to its own vomit” as it says in proverbs 26:11
We can’t pray and ask God to deliver us from something, then run right back to it.
I recently went through an experience where I was that illustration given in Proverbs…until I had an experience with God that will forever change my life. I call it my new REFRESHING! I will never forget that night :)
Once we get to a place where we really decide to submit totally to God and really are ready to live for Him, we allow His perfect Will to be done in our lives. We allow Him to come in and perfect us to walk, talk and act just like Him.
Since then, I’ve felt a whole lot better, I feel more closer to God than ever before and I am learning so much from His Word! I had to go through a lot to get to this point, had to let a lot of stuff and people go, but in the end to have that experience with God it was so worth it!

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